Food grade Argon gas wine preservation system helps keep your opened bottles of wine stay fresher longer
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The best solution for preserving your wine

I have used winesave® for the last few weeks on many bottles and found it to be indispensable. It is a tremendously useful tool for all wine lovers, …and I will most definitely continue to use and recommend it when I can!

Sam Kim, Sam Kim Consulting: Wine writer. Senior Wine Judge at the NZ International Wine Show, New World Wine Awards, Royal Easter Show Wine Awards, Liquor land International Wine Competition & Cuisine Magazine

There is a new and extremely simple product available that seems to be more effective than its predecessors for keeping wine fresh in an opened bottle.

Jancis Robinson OBE, Master of Wine, wine correspondent of the Financial Times.

I have found it pretty good at preserving even delicate old red burgundy over a week.

Jancis Robinson OBE, Master of Wine, wine correspondent of the Financial Times.

After trying winesave once I have been totally converted. It is great to have an affordable home winesave® device that actually works and keeps the wine for a good length of time. I'm sure will be a must have for every wine lover.

Dawn Davies, Head Sommelier, Selfridges UK

I opened a bottle of Hunter Shiraz to taste in late November and immediately closed with winesave®. Just opened it to have a look (2.5 months later) and the wine is as fresh as a daisy.

Ben Edwards, President, Sommeliers Australia, Consultant sommelier, Editor The Wine Guide

I'm happy to open a really good bottle if I feel like a glass or two when otherwise I probably wouldn't through fear of not wanting to waste the remainder.

Stephen James, Manager-Winemaking and Viticulture, Voyager Estate

At last an effective wine saver that really works! it just happens to be called "winesave". I have been carrying out some tests with grand crus etc and because it is Argon and sits atop the wine I have had no problems with wines stored up to 10 days.

Greg Melick, Vigneron and International Wine Judge

I tried it on the most fragile wine in my portfolio – one that is always undrinkable the day after opening. I had a third of a bottle left over at 5pm, winesaved it then looked at it three or four days later and it was perfect. I want all my sales reps using it.

David Burkitt, Vintage & Vine

We have been using winesave® for a few months now and think it is great.

Mark Best, Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide's 2010 Chef of the Year Three-hatted Marque Restaurant

Thank you for introducing us here at Village Roadshow to your wonderful product. With over 20 wines by the glass in our 9 locations wastage was one of our biggest issues….no longer since the introduction of winesave®. It has changed our world for the better!"

Fab Nicolao, Director, Food & Beverage, Village Roadshow Cinemas, Australia

"I reckon I've mentioned this in a past email, but I've been having such a good time with the gadget that I figured it was worth another plug. Being, at best, a half-bottle over-dinner chap I'm traditionally quite cautious about what bottles I open (particularly on a school night). And while I maintain a healthy skepticism about most wine gadgets, I'm happy to admit the merit in this one. It keeps most bottles looking fresh and drinkable for well past a week. The wines certainly change somewhat – just as they do in the glass – but they maintain their vitality. I guess the wine-adventurous could have several bottles on the go at once … a sort of at-home-wine-bar!"

Tony Harper, The Wine Emporium Weekly Newsletter, Australia.

'winesave allows us to offer more wines by the glass, it guarantees consistent quality for extended periods of time after the wine is open'

Marcus Boyle, Restaurant Manager of Tippling Club Singapore.

"I am impressed - I love it. It will change my consumption patterns for the better (both from a health & interest viewpoint at home - I no longer feel 'obliged' to finish a bottle, and feel comfortable at having many bottles open on any night).

I was the cellar master at Wine & Food Society of Victoria for about ten years and am now evangelising your product to all my wine loving friends - it is simple and perfect.

Wishing you great success in the future."

Andrew Navakas, Melbourne, Australia

We are proud to announce that winesave is now sold in over 42 countries around the world including: UK, USA, Canada and Mexico.

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